Spring Creek Developments

Nehemiah Spring Creek is a multiphase initiative of the City of New York, as well as of East Brooklyn Congregations.  East Brooklyn Congregations is the largest organization composed of congregations, schools and homeowners associations, in New York City. When fully built out, Nehemiah Spring Creek will have transformed 45 acres of former wetlands (pre 1930) and a landfill (1930-1968) into a modern and model suburban, mixed-income, smart-growth community that offers affordable apartment rentals, townhouse home ownership, and retail.

The vision for Nehemiah Spring Creek originated with the East Brooklyn Congregations. As far back as 1982, East Brooklyn Congregations, through its affiliate organization Nehemiah Housing Development Fund Company (HDFC), has been working in partnership with New York City to bring affordable housing to the communities of East Brooklyn. Initial groundbreaking on the Nehemiah Spring Creek community took place in 2008. Phases 1-3, representing 368 single, two- and three-family homes awarded by lottery and completed in early 2017, was a successful partnership between Nehemiah HDFC and Monadnock Construction, acting as the General Contractor.

Through Monadnock Construction’s sister company, Monadnock Development, East Brooklyn Congregations and Monadnock are partnering in the current build-out of Phase 4A, representing 56 single family and 27 two-family homes. Also planned are future development phases, which will include 1,200 affordable rental units.

New York City, in support of the revitalization of the Nehemiah Spring Creek community, has invested over $20 million in environmental and infrastructure improvements in the area.

By all accounts, Nehemiah Spring Creek has been an incredible New York City affordable housing success story. In conjunction with the Gateway Center Shopping Plaza, new retail along Elton Street, the Spring Creek Educational Center, the new all-season Thomas Jefferson High School football field and track, and three new neighborhood parks and playgrounds planned for the area, Nehemiah Spring Creek has become an invaluable local neighborhood asset and magnet for ongoing growth and revitalization.